Imagine a world …
Imagine your life as a frantic business owner where you can just sit back, pop your feet up and have a long leisurely cup of coffee.

Now think about where your business really is. Perhaps, if you’re running an internet business, you have to deal with email enquiries and customer enquiries and customer calls and suppliers and then you haven’t even started work. And what about quotes and who was it who wanted what? Where did you scribble that last call down?

My invoicing decreased from 3 days a month to just a few hours.

Well, this is where I can help you. Many of those tasks above, apart from your work, can easily be automated. Your prospective customers could get automated responses, even if just to say ‘Thanks for your email and i’ll get back to you within X days”.

Your customers could log into a Customer Portal and see the state of their order or their account.

The system could send out reminder letters(emails). You could automate the ordering of supplies.

You could connect these things together … an enquiry becomes a customer which makes an order. A payment becomes due and so on…

So all this can free up your time to do whatever it is your business does best and what you probably setup your business because you enjoyed doing it!

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