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Each business has its own bottlenecks and these will be impacting the performance of your business. Areas such as processing standard emails, tracking enquiries, time tracking, customer invoicing and arrears chasing – all these tasks are vital to your business.

They must be done, but when they take up too much of your time, you and your business can suffer.

Hiring more staff is one solution. However, small time-saving Web Applications can often be more cost effective.

automate & Save time

Web Applications

Automating your frequent tasks can free up you up and enable you to spend more time building your business.

I  work with you to create and implement a process to suit you and your business;

  • to make it more efficient and easier to manage
  • to find the balance between technical solution and business solution
  • to ensure the smooth running of the technical side of your business
  • to be there to provide technical solutions to help your business grow

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Business Consulting

business process optimization

Application design & architecture

WEB development

wordpress installation & Setup

website management

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What I Can Do For You

A business consultant & a web developer all in one, means that I think of your business first and implement technical solutions second.

I will deliver systems that match or exceed your business needs

Business process consultancy

Understand your business and design systems to fit

software design

Choose the most appropriate technology for your requirements

Internet marketing (SEO)

An authentic and Organic approach to the maze of Search Engine Optiomization and Social media presence

Tech support

helping you resolve technical issues in connection with your website or Content Management System (CMS)

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Imagine your life as a frantic business owner where you can just sit back, pop your feet up and have a long leisurely cup of coffee.

Now think about where your business really is. Perhaps, if you’re running an internet business, you have to deal with email enquiries and customer enquiries and customer calls and suppliers and then you haven’t even started work. And what about quotes and who was it who wanted what? Where did you scribble that last call down?

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