Enquiry Manager

Keep Track of Enquiries A system to track and manage enquiries; from simple status tracking, calculating deposit and balance payments, through to sending templated emails, emailing payment reminders and automating payment receipts.

An Enquiry Manager linking to all parts of your business and managing payments. 

An Enquiry Manager module that links to all parts of your business.  Adds new customers, updates existing customer details.  Links to your assets (properties, rooms, venues etc..).

Calculate and manage payments and payment dates.  Handles deposits and part payments.  Handles payments to asset owners.

Assign enquiries / customers to users for consistent customer management.

Work-flow style action management helps determine the next steps for each enquiry.

Create Enquiries automatically

All contact forms create enquiry records with appropriate flags to distinguish which contact / enquiry form was used. Ability to record free text notes.

Emails to Enquiry records

Using the Email Module, incoming emails create or update enquiry records.  A conversation history is available from within the enquiry manager.

Powerful Searches

Fast, simple but very powerful searches make it easy to find enquiries.  Search by a combination of First Name, Surname, email, asset reference, status, assigned to and booking dates.

Status based Workflow

You can define a series of statuses through which an enquiry progresses.  The system can suggest the next status for each action.

Action Manager

Each stage of an enquiry will probably require one or more actions.  These are presented as simple links and can generate emails from templates, payment request or payment receipts.

Calculate Payment Amounts

The module can calculate deposits based on percentages and fixed amount.  Payment stages can be calculated based on x weeks before rental.

Terms & Conditions

Present Terms & Conditions via email or through a frontend web portal.  Enable customers to digitally sign T&Cs.

Online Payments

Through a frontend web portal, enable deposit and rental payments via credit card through Paypal or Stripe.

Manage enquires like never before

Easily track all enquiries coming through different parts of the business, eg: email, website forms.

Manage and track financial aspects of the booking procedure.

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