Integrated Email Workflow

When you think about it, email hasn’t changed much since the early days of the internet. Your business email system still works much the same way it would have 30 years ago.

This integrated email system hooks right into your business and sorts your incoming emails for you, a bit like an old fashioned mail-room.

Tag and colour code emails to make it easy to process your daily workload.

Integrating & Workflow

Assign a customer to a user to provide consistent service.

Get email replies into the right inbox.

Divide up work between team members in a workflow style system.

All incoming emails are pre-processed by the system. Using a set of predefined rules, it categorises and sorts your emails.  It looks for markers within the email that signify that it is a reply top an email either sent by one of your users or even by the system itself. It can update core records and emails will be dispatched to the correct department group or individual user.



Categorise Emails

Incoming emails can be categorised and colours assigned to each category making it easier to scan your inbox.

Group Inboxes

Inboxes can be specific to a user or shared by groups of users.

Manager over-ride

Managers can have access to their staffs’ inboxes. Re-assign emails to another queue to cover sickness, or monitor progress.

Tag Emails

Emails can be tagged using system defined tags. Tags can be used to define the status of the enquiry or to re-assign it to a different user.

Link Emails into your systems

Emails are automatically linked to customers, enquiries or suppliers. Easy links are display above the email body to link into your management systems.

Attachments storage

Email attachments are downloaded and stored in a customer filing cabinet.  Filter attachments on size to exclude logos.

Email Statistics

The system keeps statistics of incoming and out-going emails.

Reply Templates

Through a frontend web portal, enable deposit and rental payments via credit card through Paypal or Stripe.

Search Google for “Why Your Existing Customers Are Your Best Customers” 

You will find a plethora of articles demonstrating why this is such a powerful marketing strategy.  

Couple this with a fully integrated system and see your sales increase for very little extra work.

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