Page Builder

Easily create Information pages on your website with this Page Builder, integrated into your other systems.

A module to enable users to easily build web pages to provide additional information.

A simple layout to assist the user to build SEO friendly pages, setting a meaningful URL, titles and headings throughout the page.

It displays a preview of the page layout as it’s being built.

A simple WYSIWYG editor, like a simple word processor, allows the user to add headings, paragraphs, text styles and embedded images.

Images are stored in a media library and can be used from one page to another.

Ease of Use

A module to enable users to easily build web pages to provide additional information.  Easily format your pages using pre-defined templates, flex-grids and tables.


Power users – Switch into HTML mode and either code pages from scratch or make modifications to the HTML produced by the editor. Use the HTML Clean function to reformat your HTML.

Search Engine Friendly

Guided fields assist the user to create Search Engine friendly pages, with Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Page address ( URL ), image alt tags and page tags.

Featured Image

Set a featured image for each page that can be used as the default image to display in search listings and in micro-data used by search engines and social media apps like Facebook.

Media Library

Manage your videos, images and documents through a central library. Organise files into into sub-folders, move and copy files as required.

Scripts management

Power Users – Add your own styles and Javascript code blocks, inserted into html at run time.

No web developer needed

Add Pages to your website without having to go through your web designer or developer.

Create Search Engine friendly paged with guidance from the system.

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