Case Study

Ticket Sales System

A multi-vendor ticketing sales system, including per Vendor; payment gateway, image library, calendar management , user permissions system and financial reporting.


Multi-vendor Ticket System

A complex multi-vendor system that enables different vendors to setup and manage individual partitioned sales areas, setting activities, venues, calendars and pricing tables.

Ticket sales management with real-time API to multiple payment gateways.

Coupon management for both hidden and public discounting systems.

Automated seat allocation with seating maps, seating pricing tables.

Monthly financial reporting with links to Excel.

Auditable logging system of system changes.




Tech Talk


Using multiple payment gateways raised a particular challenge during the shopping basket checkout.  The shopping basket has to be sub-divided into each vendor’s gateway and charged accordingly. Each vendor may also have slightly different checkout requirements in terms of data capture. 

The challenge was to build a seemless flow that summates the data capture requirement and dynamically builds the checkout form according to the content of each basket.  This created a complex workflow that had to be presented in a clear and simple format to the end user.


Written using the Yii2 PHP framework, Bootstrap3 and jQuery.

The MySql backend made heavy use of views and procedures to pre-compile complex queries and joins.  Some large tables required denomalising for query performance.

Payment gateway frontend APIs were used in order to circumvent server PCI compliance.


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