Divi Image Caption

A basic Divi plugin that extends the standard Divi plugin to add the option to display image captions.

WordPress always used to have this option but strangely it is missing from the standard Divi Image Module.

Sometimes you want to display some text below an image, perhaps just for image credits like this:

Image Caption demo - image credit: Jo Bloggs

Image Caption download

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Next steps: 

  1.  Add option to format text
  2.  Add option to change text spacing

Divi Modules


Image Caption

A basic image module taken from the standard Divi Image module and extended to display a caption underneath the image. 

Added parameters include the inner and outer borders (shown in red and yellow above), wrapper background and image attributes including caption.

Divi Grid


Another grid plugin that allows you to create a fixed row-column grid and define content that spans rows and columns.

I use it to create image blocks, with varying sizes of images, some taking a 2×3 block of cells, other a 1×3 vlock and perhaps some just a 1×1 block.

You can see the demos but it’s not quite yet ready for a beta release.


If you need a plugin module, drop me a line with your suggestions.

For now, my plugins are free.  I have developed my plugins for my own use and provide them free but with no warranty.  I will try and answer questions but cannot provide full support at a level you would expect from a paid plugin.