Divi Grid

Build flex grids using a powerful Divi grid plugin.  Create grids for text content, images or a mix of both.

It’s not a fully fledged gallery but more to present a masonry style layout. It doesn’t yet work very well on mobile – that is my next job.  Also, padding and margins work fine in the VB but not on the final page.


Here are some simple demos. 

Divi Grid

An easy to use and powerful
way to display both images
and text or a mix of both

Just a
text cell

All images are my own

Grid 2 - Using Background images

Fixed cell heights in pixels.  Great when you have fixed proportion images but your images can get squished with narrower screens.

these images look a little fuzzy as they are being stret

Grid 3 - Images in Content

Great when you have a library of images all the same size.  but as you can see here, we have a mixture of image heights and it can look just a tad messy!

A basic
grid layout

Divi Modules


Image Caption

A basic image module taken from the standard Divi Image module and extended to display a caption underneath the image. 

Added parameters include the inner and outer borders (shown in red and yellow above), wrapper background and image attributes including caption.

Divi Grid


Another grid plugin that allows you to create a fixed row-column grid and define content that spans rows and columns.

I use it to create image blocks, with varying sizes of images, some taking a 2×3 block of cells, other a 1×3 vlock and perhaps some just a 1×1 block.

You can see the demos but it’s not quite yet ready for a beta release.


If you need a plugin module, drop me a line with your suggestions.

For now, my plugins are free.  I have developed my plugins for my own use and provide them free but with no warranty.  I will try and answer questions but cannot provide full support at a level you would expect from a paid plugin.